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WP-Series Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Machine

Water Purification System includes Two main treatment Parts.    
Pre-water treatment machine: Raw water is pumped by Raw water pump into following filter: Mechanical Filter, Active Carbon Filter, Resin Filter (Optional).    
RO system: It includes Precision Filter, High Pressure Pump, and Double RO Membrane.


1. RO Pure water treatment plant is for producing drinking water, pharmaceutical factory, foods factory, beverage factory, fruit& vegetable factory etc. The machine is integrated into a group; the assembly and transportation are rather convenient.

2. It"s simply operation and has long lifespan.

3. Main components: RO membrane (USA Dow)

4. High pressure pump: Danmark Grundfos

5. Electricity conduction meter

6. Over high or over low pressure protection facilities

Technical Parameter 
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